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At Animal Health Clinic of Humboldt, we work with all types of animals, including dogs, cats, horses and cattle, and exotics throughout Humboldt, SK and the surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable, caring and experienced team are committed to treating your animal like their own! Our newly updated facility allows us provide your animal with our highest standard of medical and surgical care possible.

The Highest Standard of Care for Animals in Humboldt, SK

Small Animal Care

Wellness & Vaccinations

Even if your animal appears healthy, it is important to schedule annual wellness exams, to ensure that any developing health issues are detected and addressed as soon as possible. We will also provide your animal with the vaccinations he or she needs for protection from infectious diseases. Depending on your animal’s age and breed, there is a vaccination schedule they should follow to keep them, other animals and your family safe.

Medical Services

We provide examinations for animals with illnesses. We use a wide range of diagnostic tools to detect disease and illness as early as possible. These tools include bloodwork, digital x-rays, urinalysis and ultrasound. We are able to perform these services in-office. We are also able to provide referrals to facilities that can provide more specialized services.

Surgical Services

Our surgical services for small animals include routine spay and neuters for dogs and cats. Spays and neuters not only prevent pregnancies, but they also protect your animal from reproductive diseases. In addition, we can perform non-specialized surgeries, including bladder stone surgery, tumor removals, cut and wound treatment, and more.

Dental Services

We perform dental cleanings for small animals, ensuring that any built-up plaque and tartar is removed so that your animal can enjoy optimal dental and oral health. We also can provide routine dental extractions if your animal’s tooth is severely decayed or broken. Our office features brand-new dental equipment so your pet can have a healthy grin!

Nutritional Consultations

If your animal is under- or overweight, they most likely need a change in diet. We offer nutritional consultations, in which we examine your animal and work with you to come up with a dietary plan. We can recommend a variety of veterinary diets, and we provide a specific plan that is easy for you to follow. Changing your animal’s diet is an easy way to promote their overall health!

Grooming & Boarding

We provide grooming and boarding services for dogs and cats. We have limited facilities for boarding pets so please be sure to reserve your space as soon as possible. Nail trims and bathing and some grooming can be done with advanced notice. Please contact us for further information.

Large Animal Care

We are available to provide large animal examinations and services. We can do equine teeth floating. We do minor surgical procedures on all species.

We provide both bovine and equine pregnancy diagnosis, as well as perform bovine semen evaluations. Reproductive problems are dealt with in a timely manner and veterinarians are on call to provide emergency services.

Food & Supplies

Here, you will find pet food, supplies and toys in stock. We also offer supplies, medications and vaccines for large animals.

Emergency Care

If your animal has an emergency, call us at 306-682-2583 and we try to accommodate you in a timely manner with a multi veterinarian staff. Sudden injury or illness can occur at any time of day, which is why we provide emergency care.

For additional information about our services and what we can offer for your animal, contact us today at 306-682-2583!

We look forward to providing your animal with the highest standard of care.

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