Tina Hiebert, Receptionist

Tina has been working at the clinic as a Veterinary Assistant since 2013. Tina’s pets have been some of her closest friends. There have always been a number of stray cats, dogs and maybe a few skunks that were brought home as a child, and this hasn’t really changed. Growing up in Southern Alberta she dreamed of living on a farm and working with animals. In 2007, Tina moved with her husband, three children and their pets to a small farm near St. Gregor. After many years in customer service, she wanted a job where helping people and animals could come together. She really enjoys helping both animals and their people feel relaxed and well cared for while they are here. Over the years their farm has grown to include a variety of pets including two dogs – one of them is a one-eyed German Shepherd mix that wandered in as a stray and never left. They have two house cats and a few barn cats that showed up as strays and then stayed due to being neutered and well fed. They also have Gypsy Vanner horses, a couple of cows and goats, quite a few chickens and ducks, and one photo-bombing llama named Louie.